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Wed Aug 26 22:14:35 BST 2009

the degree) that seems like an awful waste of space for something that 
will only being "Price: !Free" 0.001% of the time. Be explicit when 
needed, don't clutter the user's view with information that practically 
never changes. I would suggest _only_ showing Price information when 
there _is_ a price.

My point:

Explicitly saying "Free" to counteract the fact that it is called a 
"Store" seems like a lot of work to fix a problem that is avoidable by 
calling it something other than a Store.

I think Ubuntu has an opportunity here to create a new brand name for a 
software repository that from the beginning implies Free to the user[0], 
instead of the usual commercial-sounding options from other companies 
(AppStore, Android Market, Palm Software Store, etc).

> Unfortunately the naming was one thing that had to be done within
> Canonical, for boring legal reasons.

As someone who also works with lawyers on a daily/weekly basis, I know 
how hard it is to change (some of) their minds after the fact. I 
understand if Canonical is unable to make this change at this time.

Obligatory: I love the idea of AppCenter; it is going to make the user 
experience when installing software a ton better.



[0] "Ubuntu will always be free of charge, including enterprise releases 
and security updates." Ubuntu Promise number 1 from the homepage.

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