Foundations Team Weekly Summary, 2009-08-19

Robbie Williamson robbie at
Tue Aug 25 22:33:51 BST 2009

== No Meeting This Week ==
For minutes of previous meetings, please see FoundationsTeam.

== Activity reports ==

=== Colin Watson ===
 * On Holiday

=== Evan Dandrea ===
 * Short week, vacation on Friday.
 * More work on migration-assistant for Windows.  Hopeful to have it
functionally on par with the original version soon.
 * Lots of work on encrypted swap in support of encrypted home directories.
Working version is now in the archive and just waiting for a new livefs build so
we can ask the security team to evaluate encrypted home directories again.
 * Work on the cleanup branch of usb-creator, getting it ready for a release
with the devicekit backend.
 * Uploaded a ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu with a fixed copyright that was new'ed,
and filled out a MIR for it.  Once that's approved and the seeds are changed,
the specification should be complete as ubiquity will already automatically
start using it once the slides are on the live CD filesystem.

=== James Westby ===
==== Distributed Development ====
  * >160,000 branches, >13,000 packages.
  * Blogged about progress, and offered to sponsor some changes for people
helping me test. Iain took me up on the offer and we fixed some documentation.
  * Helping various other people with little issues and listening to feedback.
  * Helped Muharem with the implementation of the merge-package command.
  * Filed some LP bugs to try and improve the experience with package branches.
==== Daily Builds ====
  * Fixed a couple of issues that were getting in the way of Dmitrijs.
  * Implemented command support requested by Ted and others.
==== Kerneloops ====
  * No progress this week.
==== Other ====
  * Busy archive-admin half day.
  * Various sponsored changes.

=== Lars Wirzenius ===
 * Made an outline for my GTD tutorial for Ubuntu Developer Week.
 * Switched back from Firefox to Epiphany, after nuking all Epiphany settings.
 * Further Computer Janitor UI work.
 * A number of bug fixes to Computer Janitor, and processed almost all other bugs.
 * Dropped the "unsupported package" plugin from Computer Janitor's default
installation, for now.
 * Noticed that the bug fix for python-fstab that was supposed to have been
uploaded for jaunty wasn't. Oops.
 * Discussed with Michael Vogt using zsync for Packages files, and debdelta for
.debs. He'd like zsync to use libcurl. debdelta needs more experimentation by me
before further discussion with Michael.
 * Suggested to Michael apt might drop its getaddrinfo emulation layer.
 * Converted Computer Janitor packaging to use dh from debhelper 7.
 * Computer Janitor is now at with
branches at lp:computer-janitor and lp:computer-janitor/trunk.deb-packaging
 * Likewise, python-fstab is now at with
branches at lp:python-fstab and lp:python-fstab/trunk.deb-packaging

=== Matthias Klose ===
 * Canonical OEM Team Rotation

=== Michael Vogt ===
==== app-center ====
 * better AppStore GtkTreeModel code
 * new AppViclass
 * new test
 * add "OnlyUnallocated" functionatlity in the parsing code
 * Test app-center xapian view on a low end machine: fast  :)
 * installed-fitler added
 * some code documentation
 * Add viewswitcher widget with (basic) aptdaemon transaction support
 * Commit initial AppCenter UI based on the new widgets to
  * lp:~mvo/+junk/app-center
 * Add home button, and basic searching
 * Update aptdaemon to current bzr and upload new version
 * New xapian-core package with backported flint lazy update
 * add install/remove/upgrade buttons to app-center
 * add search to the navigation bar on top
 * improve the pending transactions view to show the transactions
 * Backport aptdaemon to jaunty and upload to my ppa:mvo/app-center
 * Debug problem with aptdaemon and transactions leaking / dbus max match
==== gdebi ====
 * Add support to view the control.tar.gz file in gdebi
 * also suport displaying the data content
 * Add auto gzip decompression in the gdebi file viewer
 * When a file can not be displayed in gdebi, convert it via a strings-like
 * Upload new gdebi
==== updates-on-shutdown ====
 * Work on gnome-session and shutdown patch
 * import into gnome-session bzr (lp:~mvo/gnome-session/run_on_shutdown)
 * add environment for the shutdown scripts
 * phonecall with mt
 * chat with dbarth
==== sponsoring ====
 * Review/sponsor langauge-selector (glade->gtkbuilder)
 * Review/sponsor aptitude #4000083
 * Review/upload new app-install-data-jaunty
==== mythbuntu ====
 * Debug mythubuntu install problem
 * Talk about mythbuntu task headers problem (with bigjools)
 * Debug mythbuntu missing task headers
==== apt ====
 * Fix bug in apt-get source --only-source
 * apt merges (with debian)
 * Merge python-apt changes from debian
 * Merge apt from debian-sid (resolved lots of conflicts)
 * Add recommends property to python-apt (needed for computer-janitor)
==== misc  ====
 * Bug triage
 * Discuss software-properties idea with noodles
 * Look at ddtp sru update (#378075)
 * update-manager SoC
 * Popcon data analysing (script + mail)
 * Setup ddtp-ubuntu export via a bzr branch
 * Test new xapian upstream and request sync from debian
 * Debug/fix libgksu crash and upload new version
 * app-install-data karmic update
 * Command-not-found data update
 * Apt-ddtp data update
 * Fix bug in gnome-app-install (pkg summary display) and upload new version
 * Update update-manager to latest aptdaemon and upload new version
 * Make dist-upgrader frontend auto-selection code more robust (when no DISPLAY
is set)
 * Add reverse mapping feature to command-not-found (#413591)Add check for
auto-installed pkgs into the unsupported plugin of computer-janitor

=== Mike Terry ===
==== Rsyslog ====
 * Synced with a bug fix release from Debian.
 * Foolishly reintroduced a bug with HUPing, may have to disable HUP to fix
(does't play well with our deprivileging).
==== Ubiquity ====
 * Ported translated timezones to the KDE frontend
 * Ported to GtkBuilder, with superm1's help
 * Minor UI fixes
 * Started porting my plugins branch to match trunk
=== Muharem Hrnjadovic ===

==== Distributed development ====
  * Prepared the "merge-package" bzr-builddeb command for review, see
  * Currently revising the branch in accordance to the review comments

=== Scott James Remnant ===
 * On Holiday

=== Steve Langasek ===
==== Release management ====
 * karmic alpha 4
  * work with server team to roll out EUC alpha on schedule
==== Packages ====
 * further acpi-support clean-up
 * NBS cleaning:
  * syncs: php-xml-serializer, nel, libhx, ceve,
  * merge libpam-mount
  * no-change rebuilds of octave3.0, slepc, freemat, bayonne
 * no-change rebuilds for removal: unicap, sdl-mixer1.2,
libshout,libsdl-sound1.2, liboggz, flac
 * work on splitting pam session abstraction into interactive and
non-interactive, to (partially) fix the gdm facebrowser problems (LP: #287715)
==== Sponsorship ====
 * brasero (LP: #413660)
==== Misc ====
 * Monday archive duties

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