screen going dark/blank at random times

Muharem Hrnjadovic muharem at
Fri Aug 14 10:40:09 BST 2009

Hello there!

Since the last update yesterday the display on my laptop (intel
GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)) goes dark for a
second or two every so often..

It just happened and I found the following in ~/.xsession-errors:

** (gnome-screensaver-preferences:6712): DEBUG: Found best visual for
GL: 0xe4

Is the screen saver kicking in regardless of me using the laptop?
Anybody else experiencing similar issues?

The other quite noticeable regression are multiple (2-3) screen flashes
(refreshes?) between gdm coming up and me logging in.

Best regards

Muharem Hrnjadovic <muharem at>
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