blueman as default bluetooth client in Gnome

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> Thank you Steve!
> So, how does one "clean up," these dependencies?  Or is that a kind way to
> tell a basic user that it's not gonna happen?  The very fact that I can
> simply write to my distro's developers and have a conversation is awesome
> already; you won't be hurting my feelings to tell me blueman is a sloppy
> resource hog and can't be included in a default distribution.
> However, if there is some communication I can get to the blueman devs in
> order to facilitate this, I'd love to.  I am sure someone would be willing
> to work on some "spring cleaning," to get their package to be the default
> for Ubuntu.
With a little bit of research I found the Blueman dev team and project on
launchpad.  They may be willing to help you out with reducing the
dependencies to be able to have it considered.

Blueman Development Team

Blueman - Bluetooth Manager


David Vestal
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