VirtualBox Software

Heike C. Zimmerer nospam08q2 at
Mon Aug 3 19:17:52 BST 2009

Kevin McKinney <kmckinney2 at> writes:

> I recently received an update that included the kernel version
>  Before installing this update I had a virtual machine setup.
> I used VirtualBox software to configure this VM. After installing the
> kernel I could not run any VM's.  I receive the following error message
> when attempting to load VirtualBox: 
>         The vboxdrv kernel module is not loaded. Either there is no
> module
>          available for the current kernel (2.6.28-14-generic) or it
> failed to
>          load.

The next sentence (which you didn't include here) should read:

| Please recompile the kernel module and install it by
| sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup

Did you do that?

And please move further discussion to the user's list.


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