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Christopher Lemire christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 22:31:09 BST 2009

 > Hello Mr. Alfredo Pena, I have been using your SwitchSpell plugin for
 > a while. It works great in Windows and used to work great in Linux,
 > but not anymore. When I open a new chat window, it is not spell
 > checking English by default or en_us. Also the gui radio buttons are
 > all checked (black circles, you can see this in the picture
 > attachment). Is there any debugging output I can provide to help you?
 > Thank you. Once the login problem to guifications trac page has been
 > resolved, I'll report this there.

The problem here is that the debian package is horrendously out of date.  When
 the package was built, gtkspell used aspell directly; now the gtkspell library
 uses enchant.  The package needs to be updated and built against
current libraries.


Need help getting up to date deb packages in Ubuntu!

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