Call for testing intel graphics driver fix

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Apr 1 12:01:36 BST 2009

Hello all,

For a long time, X has plagued me with intermittent flicker, and
sometimes an irrecoverable blackout on my i945 [1]. This was caused by
pipe underruns, which were due to incorrect "watermark" calculations
(i. e. the display rendering queue wasn't managed properly).

Earlier in Jaunty I uploaded a quickfix from upstream, but it turned
out to be insufficient. Now upstream did a better and more robust
patch which should fix this once and for all. It works amazingly well
for me [2], but I'd like to get a little more confident in it before I
upload it to Jaunty.

I put it into my PPA for now [3]. Can everyone running -intel on
Jaunty please install this and give feedback (positive and negative)
on the bug [1]?

Direct links for one-click gdebi installation on i386 or amd64:

Thanks a lot in advance for testing, much appreciated!



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