Ubuntu Policy: prefixes for multiples of units

Laurent moky.math at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 14:30:54 BST 2008

  My two cents (the IMHO of a "end-user")

First time I saw "Gi" or "Mi", I was absolutelly not confused : I just 
interpreted that as a mistake for "G" and "M". (at that moment, I had 
not a clue of the power two Vs power ten issue)
I almost filled a bug report like "please use the right prefixes : M for 
mega and G for giga".

Anyway, I think that people who don't need to know the difference will 
not be disturbed by seeing "Mi" instead of "M", while people who need to 
know the precise size will appreciate to know that when they read "M", 
it is 10^6 and when they read "Mi", it means 2^20.


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