Install Ubuntu from USB flash

Jiafu Gao jiafu_gao at
Wed Sep 24 17:34:04 BST 2008


There is a graphical boot loader for PS3, which in turn can selectively loads other boot loaders. For example, it could successfully load Ubuntu installer from USB flash which I directly unpacked from a Ubuntu CD install ISO Image. This greatly increase the convenience to install Ubuntu: there is no need to burn an CD, and USB flash is much faster than CD. 

However, for some reason, the installer tries to mount the CD and read files from the CD drive. It seems to me the installer somehow is hard-coded to install from CD, although in this case, the installer started from USB drive. Is this the right assessment? How difficult will be change this behavior? 

Thanks. Please include my email on the reply since I am not on the mail list yet.



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