ArchiveReorganisation and sponsoring

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Sep 1 04:10:27 BST 2008

In my experience in Debian working on getting sponsored for team related 
uploads versus general uploads via mentors, it quickly became apparent that 
my odds are subtantially better in a team environment.

I expect it will be similar here.  I believe that leaving UMS/UUS in place 
for general sponsorship and encouraging individual teams to develop their 
own approach will be sufficient.

In Main, I think this is generally, if informally, done in Kubuntu and 

Premature optimization is a sin in process design too.  I'd suggest some 
basic initial approach like this will be sufficient to get us started.  We 
can see how it goes and optimize from there.  I think many of the problems 
you're concerned about will sort themselves out as sponsorees figure out 
where the sponsors are.

Scott K

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