update-notifier & non-admin users

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 20 17:11:50 BST 2008


update-notifier runs in intrepid for non-admin users (before it used
to only start for users in the admin group). It will not display
"updates available" notification for non-admins. But it will support
the other services that update-notifier (that is nowdays a bit
misnamed) provides, most noticable the interactive upgrade hooks that
make it possible to give each user a noitfication about changes that
releate to their user profile.

We use this to on hardy->intrepid upgrades to tell each user about the
changes with the fast-user-switcher applet and provide them with a
(optional) "update-my-config" script. 

I would like to ask for feedback on this update-notifier feature and
attention when testing if running it for non-admin users causes any
problems (crashes, UI issues etc).


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