help: pythonpackage: gconf-schemas --unregister does not delete everything

Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at
Mon Nov 24 18:02:12 GMT 2008

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> Francesco Fumanti wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to add gconf schemas to the python package named onboard. 
>> The package uses cdbs and The call to gh_gconf in 
>> debian/rules generates the corresponding gconf-schemas --register and 
>> gconf-schemas --unregister calls in the postinst and prerm scripts.
>> After building the debian package in the pbuilder environment, the 
>> installation of the bin package registers the schemas; uninstalling the 
>> package unregisters the keys, but not completely: the keys are all 
>> deleted, but the /apps/onboard and the /schemas/apps/onboard entries 
>> remain listed in the gconf database (at least they continue to show up 
>> in the gconf editor).
>> Could anybody please tell me what is going on or how to make also the 
>> two remaining entries disappear?
> They are probably in your home folder, so removing the package won't remove
> them. If you change a key, it will be stored in your home folder, as you can't
> change (and you aren't supposed to) the system-wide key.
> You can look at ~/.gconf and see if they are there.

Thanks for your reply.

I checked again in ~/.gconf just and there is no onboard folder. Anyway, 
as far as I understand, there cannot be an onboard entry in ~/.gconf as 
the code does not use the keys yet.

I have also opened a thread in the forum where you can have a look at my 
schemas file:

What is strange is that all keys are gone; I mean that all entries of 
the form /schemas/apps/onboard/keyname get removed from the gconf 
database; but /schemas/apps/onboard and /apps/onboard remain in the 
gconf database.

Do I have to add the /schemas/apps/onboard entry to the onboard.schemas 

Is there a way to remove /schemas/apps/onboard and /apps/onboard by 
command line from the gconf database in order to clean it?

I wonder why it does not remove everything!?



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