Ubuntu 8.04 / 8.10 graphics detection changes?

Zachary Amsden zach at vmware.com
Thu Nov 20 14:58:05 GMT 2008

Hi, I'm triaging a VMware related Ubuntu bug where the Ubuntu desktop
fails to load, and will only run in low-graphics mode if VMI is enabled
when running in a virtual machine.  Notably, the bug only happens on AMD
hosts; Intel machines are unaffected.  Also, it does not occur in 8.04,
but it a regression observed in 8.10.  This leads me to suspect some
kind of CPUID type detection was added between the two that could
possibly be misvirtualized when running with paravirtualization.

Could someone point me to the right place to be looking at how graphics
mode selection selection might have changed between these two?



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