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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Nov 5 18:29:05 GMT 2008

Stefan Potyra [2008-11-05 15:25 +0100]:
> after seeing a number of changes for jaunty already (woohoo!), a few hints:
> * please build your changes files with the -v option, so that changes done in 
> Debian, but not in Ubuntu will be part of the changes file
> * please check if each bit of the delta is still necessary, and drop it if not
> * if a specific delta applies to both Ubuntu and Debian, please forward the 
> changes and mention the bug number in the changelog
> * if a specific delta applies only to Ubuntu, please also mention this in the 
> changelog

A strong +1 on those. When doing merges, I see so many little (and
also big) changes which should have gone to Debian ages ago, and are
causing lots of work for porting, re-testing, and submitting them now.
Syncs are good! :-)


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