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Thu May 29 18:30:18 BST 2008

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Brian Murray wrote on 27/05/08 17:41:
> There are a great number of things a new Launchpad user needs to learn
> to be able to work with bug reports and we have not been teaching about
> the subscriber's portlet or some of the others.  Also trying to checking
> if one of approximately six special teams is subscribed seems
> suboptimal.  Additionally, the subscribers portlet is not expanded by
> default, as far as I can tell.  
> However, I'm under the impression that the visibility of subscribers
> will change in Launchpad sometime soon.  So we could try having bug
> triagers parse the subscriber list and see how well that works.

Yes, the list of subscribers to a bug report will soon be visible by
default. So this may help in the short term.

In the medium term, I think tags would be a more sensible way of
tracking these requests, but that requires implementing several missing
tag-related features in Launchpad. (I've linked to these from the "Tags"
section of <>.)

I'll raise this issue with the other Launchpad developers.

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