Incomplete with no response >30 days

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Tue May 27 20:01:02 BST 2008

sense at wrote:
> If you just say in  
> capitals at the beginning of each workflow report: "WORKFLOW BUG" I  
> think we won't touch it. 
Simple, but probably effective. It may prove to be the best option as we 
are having difficulty getting consensus on using privacy, states or 

If each wokflow bug started with a standard text blob pasted from a wiki 
page they could be self-explanatory. That should take a few seconds to 
copy and paste and could even be added later if it was left out. It 
could link to a wiki page with a longer explanation.

These bugs would continue to appear in default searches and so it would 
continue to crop up on working lists of triage teams. OTOH many such 
lists are generated with bughelper (like the bugday lists), which can 
easily be taught to leave out these bugs.


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