Platform team meeting minutes 2008/06/25

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Thu Jun 26 02:53:49 BST 2008

== Present ==

 * Colin Watson
 * Alexander Sack
 * Arne Goetje
 * Bryce Harrington
 * Chris Cheney
 * Evan Dandrea
 * James Westby
 * Lars Wirzenius
 * Luke Yelavich
 * Matthias Klose
 * Oliver Grawert
 * Steve Langasek
 * ajmitch
 * ScottK

= Agenda =

 * Pending Merge Status
 * Upstreaming OOo Issues
 * libx11/xcb testing for #185311
 * Iso Testing
 * Mirror Slowness

== Actions ==

 * Everyone with assigned merges (see below), complete them by Thursday
 * Everyone with time today, do ISO testing
 * Bryce to work on the libx11/xcb issues
 * doko, calc, and cjwatson to discuss OOo issues to report upstream

== Pending Merge Status ==

We've managed to bring the number of merges down considerably in the
past week, but 49 still remain for main!  Will we finish in time?

=== Team assignments: ===
 * hotkey-setup: Ogra will finish it tomorrow & grab more as time permits
 * initramfs-tools: TheMuso is almost done with the merge. Should have it done by the end of this morning (his time).
 * enigmail:  asac was working on it but won't have time for it
 * epiphany-extensions:  ephy + extensions will receive multiple upstream uploads this release too. asac can do them, though isn't sure it's worth the effort
 * network-manager-applet:  This will be going for 0.7, so asac is skipping it
 * ncurses:  asac will do this one, instead of slangasec
 * lvm2 is still on james_w's plate, no reaction from the maintainer, so it's time to package the new upstream directly.

=== Remaining packages: ===
 * libselinux: ScottK will take a shot
 * libsepol: ScottK will take a shot
 * backuppc: james_w will take
 * cdrkit: doko will look at this one
 * emacs22: is packaged independently, as cjwatson recalls
 * git-core: fails in some git-svn tests (anyone knows about problems of perl svn bindings?)
 * gnome-desktop-sharp2: To be left to the Desktop team
 * gnome-user-docs: To be left to the Desktop team
 * gnumeric: MacSlow seems to be on this
 * goffice: MacSlow seems to be on this
 * kernel-wedge: This one has slipped cycles before and it won't kill us for it to happen again; it's more important for the kernel guys to have a vague idea of what's going on
 * libx86: cjwatson will do this
 * lockfile-progs: liw filed a sync request for this one (#243075; also see #242086).  slangasek will take care of this
 * lynx: doko will look at this one
 * mono-tools: james_w will take this one
 * netcat-openbsd: james_w will take this one
 * calc will do this one (and sort out other language related packages for their deps)
 * multipath-tools: cjwatson will ask soren about this and soren's other merges

== Upstreaming OOo Issues ==
doko, calc, and cjwatson arranged a phone call to come up with a list of
OOo issues that they would like to see addressed with the next

== libx11/xcb testing for #185311 ==
bryce and calc are working on a solution to bug 185311 (hardy, locking
assertion failure related to use of OOo, libx11/libsdl), but it's proven
tricky to reproduce.  Bryce has a package of libx11 with XCB disabled
that might provide a workaround; he'll follow up with one of calc's key
testers to attempt to validate it.  They will discuss more on
#ubuntu-devel post-meeting.

== Iso Testing ==
Slangasek proposed squeezing in some ISO testing today so alpha1 can get
out the door in < 24h, allowing everyone to focus 100% on merges
subsequently.  Testing in vmware or qemu is perfectly fine for this; kvm
is apparently busted on the guest side for intrepid right now.  We're
not releasing desktop images and we can skip DVDs at this point, so that
cuts the test set down considerably.

calc, liw, and cjwatson volunteered for ISO testing.  ogra will be doing
the alternate LTSP tests as usual.

TheMuso reports that Studio is no where near ready due to massive
linux-rt breakage, not likely to be resolved for alpha1.

== Mirror Slowness == is especially slow these days (some people see only ~
32KB/s, not nearly enough for doing daily build testing).  cjwatson
plans to talk with elmo about breaking up cdimage.

Several workarounds were discussed such as fetching to chinstrap and
scping from there (which is also slow sometimes), torrents (which take
too long to seed, and thus aren't available anymore), and jigdo.  Jigdo
is workable given a more-local mirror and might be the best answer in
this case.  To use it, run this:


and give it the path to a nearby mirror when requested.

liw and TheMuso mentioned configurable scripts they've created to keep
dailies from cdimage.u.c; the one liw wrote is now maintained by
sbeattie.  You'd need somewhere between 30-200GB for the mirror
depending on what arches, dists, etc. you choose to mirror.


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