requesting for changes to be sent to debian before sponsoring an upload

Emmet Hikory persia at
Thu Jun 19 16:40:20 BST 2008

Jordan Mantha wrote:
> That makes more sense to me :-) Next issue would be that sponsors then
> have to evaluate whether a change should be going upstream or not.
> That's probably a good thing but I imagine the queue won't get
> processed quite as fast. I believe the current sponsorship queue is
> designed more around "touch it once" so if a sponsor has to go
> back-and-forth with a sponsoree I'm not sure how well that's going to
> be tracked or implemented.

    Historically it's been tracked by unsubscribing the sponsors queue
while leaving a comment explaining why the candidate is not yet
suitable for sponsoring.  Where there has been significant confusion,
it is often resolved through interaction on IRC.


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