Staging area for hardy-proposed ?

Jan Claeys lists at
Mon Jun 9 01:36:11 BST 2008

Op zaterdag 07-06-2008 om 12:01 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Sebastien
> Le vendredi 06 juin 2008 à 21:05 +0200, Jan Claeys a écrit :
> > In the discussion that followed, most of us agreed that one shouldn't
> > use -proposed on a PC that's important to work & keep working (e.g. you
> > realy need it for school/work).

> If you need stability that much you should better wait one week than the
> update goes to hardy-updates rather then, the new libgksu version in
> hardy-proposed could be buggy and break the administration tools

Yeah, that's what we agreed on on IRC too (and maybe even wait a couple
of days after it gets in -updates too :-P ).

But for those who want to take the risk to fix an annoying bug in the
released package, it might be okay.  The thing is that by enabling
-proposed, they might get a list of 40 packages to upgrade, so 40x more
chances to break something (remember that for many people a broken OOo
would be a more urgent problem than an already broken libgksu not being
fixed ;) ).

Jan Claeys

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