Intrepid seed tidying

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Sun Jul 13 11:25:56 BST 2008

mii-diag hasn't been updated since 2006.  We originally added it to
complement mii-tool (net-tools) because it was said that it worked with some
devices which mii-tool did not.  We also have ethtool, which from what I can
see, provides a superset of the relevant functionality from mii-tool and
mii-diag and is actively maintained upstream.  I see we have a udeb for
mii-diag, though I'm not sure why.  It seems justifiable to have one of
these tools in minimal in order to get around situations where ethernet
autonegotiation is failing ("get on the network and install more packages"),
but I think mii-tool is good enough for that case.

Proposal: drop mii-diag
Proposal: move tehtool to supported

pcmciautils is currently in minimal, but seems very unlikely to be useful on

Proposal: move pcmciautils to the server default seed

aptitude is currently in minimal, but is not required on all systems, and
provides an alternative interface for functionality available in apt.
tasksel depends on it, but insofar as I can tell, it is only required for
'Packages: manual' which I don't think we use.  It also pulls in libcwidget,
libept, libsigc++ and libxapian, none of which are used by other packages in
minimal, and some of which could probably come off the CD entirely.

Proposal: move aptitude to supported

gettext-base is currently in minimal, but I don't see why it should be
seeded explicitly.  It is used by other packages in minimal, but doesn't
seem to justify being in minimal on its own.

Proposal: remove gettext-base from minimal

libfribidi0 is currently in minimal, but is recommended by libnewt.
With Intrepid's germinate, shouldn't we be able to unseed it?

Proposal: remove libfribidi0 from minimal

pciutils and usbutils are in minimal, but one can get by just fine without

Proposal: move pciutils from minimal to standard
Proposal: move usbutils from minimal to standard

tcpd is in minimal, but nothing in minimal makes use of it.  The comment
indicates that it's there to provide /etc/hosts.{allow,deny}; without these,
it's impossible to configure programs which use libwrap.  However, libwrap
recommends tcpd, so I think this can be dropped entirely.

Proposal: remove tcpd from minimal

util-linux-locales is in minimal, but it's completely empty as its contents
are moved into language packs.

Proposal: move util-linux-locales to supported

inputattach is in standard, with the justification that it's needed for
serial mice and joysticks.  Mice and joysticks are desktop things.

Proposal: move inputattach from standard to desktop

 - mdz

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