Did we really release 8.04?

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Sun Jul 6 20:27:46 BST 2008

I am just finishing up a fresh Kubuntu 8.04 install using the original 
release CDs (I didn't download 8.04.1 as I had 8.04 CDs I got at UDS).  

After the install, on the first upgrade I got:

Install 7, upgrade 147, remove 0 
904 installed

So for the standard Kubuntu default install (I didn't add anything yet), 
we've touched ~15% of the packages post-release.  I don't have stats from 
previous releases to compare, but that sems like a lot.

I don't know is it's reflective of being relaxed about what's allowed for 
SRU or a poor state of a lot of packages at release.  I suspect it's some 

Do we need to reconsider how we approach getting to a release? For an LTS 
release should we just add 2 months on the schedule?  It was done 
officially for Dapper and I wonder if we didn't do it informally for Hardy?

Scott K

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