No Attention

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Jan 25 09:28:34 GMT 2008

Hello everybody,

I just wrote a small script to give me the URLs of bugs that 
      * have a patch attached
      * are not set to incomplete (ongoing investigation)
      * are not set to fix committed
      * are not in the sponsoring queue

The list is IMPRESSIVE. Right now it is:

daniel at lovegood:~$ ./no_attention | wc -l | figlet
  ___  _  _  ____  
 ( _ )| || ||___ \ 
 / _ \| || |_ __) |
| (_) |__   _/ __/ 
 \___/   |_||_____|
daniel at lovegood:~$ 

ARGH! Please let's make an effort to get these down to ZERO and educate
everybody about the use of debdiffs and the sponsoring queue.

I added this reply to
"To get your fix (or workaround) included in Ubuntu, try transforming it
into a debdiff (
and submit it for review ("

>From a process perspective, please set the bug to incomplete if you
follow up on it and it needs further work, so the bug will not be in
other people's list to work on.

Find the script at:

Have a nice day (and let's get those patches into Hardy!),

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