Dovecot and Postfix integration

Ante Karamatić ivoks at
Fri Jan 18 08:12:44 GMT 2008


As some of you know, I've been working on better out-of-the-box dovecot
and postfix integration in Ubuntu.

Status of the work is at:

We (at ubuntu-server meetings in Boston) kind of all agreed on having
this integrated trough task in tasksel. Last debdiff provided there
should be enough for this kind of setup.

Since these are all good changes for everybody, there are ideas on
moving this out of tasksel and into packages. This way everybody would
benefit from our changes.

I didn't do anything since last debdiff, so I would like to hear pros
and cons for that last idea (moving everything into packages).
Basically, if someone would install postfix, he would automatically get
dovecot-common (note that this isn't IMAP/POP3 daemon, but a SASL
component), SASL-AUTH and preconfigured system for Maildir.

Those that are on ubuntu-server list will find this message redundant,
but I got suggestion to send it here for broader review.

Thank you

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