The updated Ubuntu QA website is now on-line

Stéphane Graber stgraber at
Tue Jan 8 19:25:38 GMT 2008

Hi all,

The website that some of you formerly knew as the "iso-testing tracker",
which then became the "QA Tracker" to end up being the Ubuntu QA Website
is now on its domain.

We started using it at the end of the Feisty devel cycle, then during
Gutsy development and now it's been improved and is ready for its first

While moving from to, we also updated to
the latest version of the website with an updated look&feel (thanks to
Nicolas Deschildre), a good lot of bug fixes and some slight
improvements, mostly under the hood.

The todo list for the QA website is still full of cool features I hope
to see implemented by Hardy's release.

As Alpha3 will be the first release to use the updated tracker and the
new server, there are likely to be a few bugs lurking in the system
still. Feel free to report them on LP (project: ubuntu-qa-website)

Enjoy the new website and happy testing

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