slocate in the default desktop install

Thilo Six T.Six at
Mon Feb 11 19:03:54 GMT 2008

Colin Watson wrote the following on 11.02.2008 18:14


>> Should we still ship slocate on desktops?
> We should ship mlocate, which has much more sensible reindexing
> behaviour. I've been meaning to throw this in somebody's direction to do
> the MIR/seed dance for a while now. Could somebody take care of this?

i was going to suggest the same.

 * instead of re-reading all the contents of all directories each time
   the database is updated, mlocate keeps timestamp information in its
   database and can know if the contents of a directory changed without
   reading them again. This makes updates much faster and less demanding
   on the hard drive. This feature is only found in mlocate.

bye Thilo

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