slocate in the default desktop install

Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Mon Feb 11 12:10:30 GMT 2008

Hi Matt

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>> Personally, I enjoy using locate, but I dislike the automatic indexing, so 
>> I've turned this off completely. IIRC locate will usually tell me that the 
>> database is old. (the corresponding update command could easily get displayed 
>> there as well, if it isn't already).
>> Maybe that would be an option?
> On servers, I expect that administrators would not want to have to enable
> indexing every time.  It's problematic for us to provide different defaults
> on desktops and servers for the same package, so I was thinking about
> options which might work for everyone.

What about disabling running updatedb by default on both? I disable it
on some of my machines for performance reasons, and then if my database
gets old I'll just run updatedb myself. Maybe the cron job should stay,
and there could just be a setting that enables/disables it in

I know many people who use slocate on their desktops on a daily basis.
Then again, perhaps it's time they get used to the newer tools. slocate
is also so simple to install, that if somone really wants it, it's not a
big deal.

Would it still remain in main if it's removed?


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