Naming problem for the "Falcon Programming Language" in Ubuntu.

Giancarlo Niccolai gc at
Thu Feb 7 14:03:15 GMT 2008

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Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> I've read over this briefly (have not reviewed the IRC logs in particular)
> and would appreciate a response from Dennis with his view.
> I've copied in the Ubuntu Technical Board, which is tasked with resolving
> disputes like this.
> On Mon, Jan 14, 2008 at 01:55:22AM +0100, Giancarlo Niccolai wrote:
>> Hello;
>> I'd like to report a problem that is concerning the naming of two
>> packages that are being concurrently racing for inclusion in the very
>> next version of Ubuntu.

Thank you Matt, but AFAIK the thing has been discussed and resolved in
the MOTU list as follows: I have changed the package name (from falcon
to falconpl) and keeping /usr/bin/falcon, and falcon package is having
a /usr/bin/falcon-start file in place of /usr/bin/falcon; no conflicts
have been set in the packages. As promised, I am applying the same
package name (falconpl) also to other debian-based distros.

Also, MOTUs have already approved both the packages and they are
currently on NEW.

However, any further intervention on the topic is welcome.

Giancarlo Niccolai.

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