KVM, virt-manager, etc.

Soren Hansen soren at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 1 08:51:16 GMT 2008

On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 10:00:23AM +0000, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>>> I think two good options are:
>>>  * Copy the packages from the CD at install time, so they're cached
>>>  for use in creating VMs
>>>  * Install via Internet from a mirror
>>> The former being a better user experience, and the latter being
>>> simpler to implement.
>> The filesystem on the ISO already constitutes a valid mirror, doesn't
>> it?  If so, it shouldn't require many lines of shell to copy the
>> relevant bits of the ISO to the hard drive and teach the install
>> system we choose to implement to check if it already has a local
>> mirror like that.
> Yes, it does.  However, adding a new component to the installer,
> testing it and ensuring its robustness (e.g. checking for enough free
> disk space) seems substantially more complex than doing a network
> installation (which already works).  Wouldn't you agree?

I think we're not entirely on the same page here.

If we want to make the install process a no-questions-asked, background
thing, it's probably not going to involve booting from the ISO (unless
there is a simple way to provide preseed files through kvm that I have
not thought of), but rather some variant of debootstrap + additional
configuration magic. This is what my vm-builder script does now.

debootstrap can use a local mirror, so what I'm thinking is to add a
script that can take the CD and turn it into a local mirror for
debootstrap to use.

Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Server Team
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