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Olá Kees e a todos.

On Saturday 20 December 2008 17:50:25 Kees Cook wrote:
> Regressions are avoided by a larger variety of people doing testing.
> Not enough people currently give feedback on -proposed.  Adding tiers
> to -proposed would reduce the number of people testing each tier.  I think
> this would result in a net loss.
> I would propose that increasing the number of people giving feedback on
> -proposed would be the better solution.  I don't have a specific plan
> for how to implement that, but it seems that a tighter communication loop
> between people using -proposed, LP, and a log of what they've installed
> and when (some kind of additional bug-filing wizard) could reduce the
> technical knowledge needed to provide useful feedback on proposed.
> And let them revert/blacklist an update easily.

Kees the way I see it, most users that *actually* enable and upgrade packages from -propose dont even know what bugs they are supposed to test, or even understand what -proposed is for.
From my own experience if I was to enable -proposed on a Stable Release I couldnt easily find what bug I was supposed to check for...
My best guess would be that Update-manager could exhibit some extra detail of the LP bug for those packages (and any bug fix from -upgrade). I guess (that at least for a starting point and for -proposed only) apt-listchanges or similar could be installed once backports was enable and -proposed packages descriptions include some extra details made to be shown on apt-listchanges. 
That way an user could at least have (even if just a one time) change of seeing the bug, and subscribe to it. sugar on top, if it had a button to take the user to the subscribe page immediately.

Even better, and making my life *WAY* easier would be to have in jaunty+1 UM telling me[1] that a bug that I selected the "Affects me too" was fixed/testing with that update.
I some time dont read all my bug mail so I can loose the email about Fix Release, or I can even not be subscribed to it via mail, and just by feed, or with "Affects me too".
Do you guys think I should open a Blueprint for this?

[1] a new field in UM preferences and associated to the user where the username/email/OpenID (wink) for LP would be inserted. Each user in that machine could insert his own login.

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