#1 Complaint about Ubuntu: Updates break things

Douglass Clem crashsystems at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 22:00:29 GMT 2008

Suppose a new repository mirror was set up, which was updated 12 hours prior
to the rest of the mirrors around the world. (I know that some security
updates could not afford a 12 hour delay, but I think many updates could.)
If properly promoted, then I could imagine a lot of developers, plus people
who are not developers, but advanced users / system administrators, would
get their updates from this mirror. This I think could catch many update
related problems early, before they went out to the general populace, and in
time for developers to fix the issue.

Anyone think this is a plausible/good idea?

Douglass Clem
Public Key: http://crashsystems.net/pubkey.asc
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