Foundations Team Weekly Summary, 2008-12-17

Robbie Williamson robbie at
Wed Dec 17 23:22:01 GMT 2008

For minutes of previous meetings, please see Ubuntu Foundations Team wiki.

== Present ==

 * RobbieWilliamson - chair
 * ColinWatson
 * EvanDandrea
 * LarsWirzenius
 * MichaelVogt
 * ScottJamesRemnant
 * SteveLangasek

== Apologies ==
 * JamesWestby - holiday
 * LukeYelavich - holiday
 * MatthiasKlose - sick

== Agenda ==
 * UDS - Get Specs Done!!!
  * '''Videos''' of sessions for the first half of the week are located at:
 * Holiday schedule updates
 * AOB

== Actions from this meeting ==
 * Specs need to be drafted and ready for review by Dec. 25th.

== Activity reports ==

=== Colin Watson ===
 * Fixed dapper's Contents files (#201179).
 * Fixed base-installer #306356.
 * Stable release updates:
  * base-installer #306356 (dapper, hardy, intrepid).
  * user-setup #238224 (hardy).
  * base-files for 8.04.2 version number change.
 * Merged: libhtml-parser-perl
 * Horrific jaunty upgrade taking about five hours; I'm still not convinced it's
quite right. Ran into xorg-server #308225, some strange gdm hang, and reported
xorg-server #308649 with patch.

=== Evan Dandrea ===
~+FOSScamp and UDS Summary+~
 * Working on getting Debian working with usb-creator.
 * Fixing remaining issues with the manual partitioner in ubiquity and the new
 * Meeting with a Bacula developer to discuss requested changes to usb-creator.
 * Meeting about preseeding and automated test installs.
 * Fix to partman-base to discern between ATA and SCSI after getting advice from
Scott. Patch sent to Colin for review.
 * Worked on the partition resizing feature in segmented_bar.
 * Worked on rewriting migration-assistant in python.
 * Spoke with Luke about moving to Banshee by default.
 * Ran usb-creator talk.
 * Ubiquity KDE session with Celeste and Jonathan.
 * Ubiquity usability session.
 * oem-config session with the server team.
 * Briefly talked to mvo about PPAs in gnome-app-install, and setting the apt
data from the squashfs (for usb-creator), which he thinks it should work fine
and is willing to add hooks if it doesn't.
 * Attended grub2 session.
 * Spoke with Dustin and sponsored his change to user-setup for encrypting all
of /home/$USER.
 * Meeting to discuss ubiquity slideshow.
 * Briefly looked into what it would take to get fallocate working in Python
(based off the python-fadvise code).
 * Two sessions with Agostino and Alan Pope on Wubi.
 * Spoke briefly with Jerone about the encrypted home session.
 * Hacked on the timezone selector mockup code.
 * Participated in the mobile team session on a recovery partition, hildonized
ubiquity, and generating generic images via a new tool, using live images.
 * Participated in the oem id session.
 * Had sessions on usability issues in the server installer, and what questions
we can remove from the server installer.
 * Looked over the svg timezone map and noticed/fixed a few errors
 * Followed up with Ubuntu Forums on USB Creator thread asking them to test the
latest version from my PPA, as well as with user's suggestions for usb-creator
 * Started working on getting gnome-app-install to work with apt data from files
in a mounted squashfs.

=== Lars Wirzenius ===
A number of good discussions, some more related to Ubuntu than others. Will
spend a bit of non-Canonical time on getting the Cinepaint package back into
Debian and Ubuntu. Learned about python-mox by Google, for creating mock objects
for unit testing.

Lots of good discussions. Have a list of new plugins to write for Cruft Remover,
and suggestions for how to improve the user
interface. Will write a library to handle machine readable debian/copyright
files, according to the proposed spec for Debian. Gave
a presentation on using with Python unittest to get better test
coverage (little feedback, so it probably went okayish).

=== Luke Yelavich ===
 * Time spent traveling to Fosscamp/UDS.
 * Attended various Fosscamp sessions about Linux audio, multimedia editing,
Ubuntu flavour cooperation, amongst other things that escape my memory for now.
 * Participated in a wide variety of session at UDS, focusing on sessions in the
foundations, kernel, and community tracks. Such foundations sessions included
Launchpad bugs, some round table discussions, a session that started being about
moving alsa outside the kernel, which ended up being a session on how better
kernel and userspace can be kept in sync, and archive reorganisation.
 * Kernel sessions included kernel packaging, kernel team process, release cycle
workflow for the kernel, and kernel boot performance.
 * Participated in a desktop session about plimeth, the eventual usplash

 * Tested a pulseaudio SRU, which is now in intrepid-updates.
 * Uploaded another PulseAudio SRU regarding resume and suspend. Thanks to
Daniel Chen for doing the work.
 * Audio bug triaging.
 * Started moving through upstream alsa git to find useful commits to request
for the Ubuntu kernel, such as better hda hardware support.
 * Contacted Amit from the kernel team about what sound modules are used for ARM

 * Tested the raid 4-5 module for dmraid, and dmraid 1.0.0.rc15, and found some
unusual behavior. Needs further testing to determine exactly what is going on.
 * Started preparing an update to send to the kernel team with the newest
dm-raid4-5 kernel module code from upstream. Currently building a test kernel
for use in a VM.

 * Involved with some discussions at UDS for UbuntuStudio relating to moving
forward with a newer version of Jack, and application integration with
jack/pulseaudio suspension.
 * Sponsored a few uploads both in main and universe, this included an SRU.
 * Did some universe sponsors bug triaging.

=== Matthias Klose ===
~+Nov 24 - Dec 02+~
 * IcedTea updates to b14, updating the IcedTea infrastructure to build with the
original hotspot as well, tested and updated cacao and zero based builds.
 * OpenJDK b14 updates
 * Extraction, validation and forwarding of GCC bug reports, gcc-snapshot update.
 * Merges and sync requests
 * Sun Java updates

~+Dec 03 - Dec 16+~
 * UDS attendence
 * Python 2.6/3.0 spec
 * Tracking down GCC ICE's on arm
 * gcc-snapshot/gcc-4.3 updates
 * More armel buildd attention:
   * All packages did see the buildd at least once, all then failed packages
were given back.
   * Around 100 source packages still don't build. Many build failures are not
armel related, but general build failures in jaunty. These can be sorted out
once the first archive test rebuild in jaunty is done.
 * OpenJDK updates for intrepid and jaunty.
 * Merges and sync requests

=== Michael Vogt ===
 * Updated in unattended-upgrades for jaunty
 * better README
 * better mail header
 * massive speedup
 * i18n fixes/updates
 * uploaded new version to jaunty

~+Specs (pre-UDS)+~
   * test Debian gnome-codec-install  (without much success)
 * more spec fostering (that I have not in my gtimelog data :/)

~+sponsoring queue+~
 * metacity, friendly-recovery (with some tweaks), apt fix (merged into bzr),
tracker (#204770, intrepid-proposed),

 * played with

 * busy weeks

~+DDTP (translated package descriptions)+~
 * implemented sync script that can extract translations we have but debian does not
 * Add textwrap to translated package description output to make it better
readable on readers like apt-cache/aptitude
 * Fix bug in ddtp description parser for "pseudo-formated" description
(starting with "  ") that caused some translations
   to not appear in the output Translations-$lang file
 * general bugfixing and uploading new translations to jaunty
 * uploading new translations to intrepid-proposed

~+ misc +~
 * update-manager: fix missing check for free space on regular updates
 * language-selector: upload new version with various fixes
 * apt: merges with debian, review patches
 * triage/fixing for my Ubuntu:later milestone list (48 before, now 31)
 * gnome-control-center: merged latest gnome version, needed some glade merging,
no fun, started to write a glade-diff tool (far from
   complete but helped me a bit)
 * imported gnome-desktop into bzr, updated (with seb and tseliot) and sponsored
 * experimenting with update-manager aufs branch (inconclusive)

~+ python-apt +~
 * Build html documentation for python-apt (in /usr/share/doc/python-apt/html)
 * upload to
 * upload new version into jautny (with the gtk widgets from the consolitation

=== Scott James Remnant ===
 * Worked on kernel patch to notify init when a process is reparented to it:

 * udev:
  * Update udev to latest upstream.
  * Packaging into bzr.
  * Merge our rules with the new standard upstream rules, and supply patches
back to bring them in line where necessary.
  * Check other standard rules in devmapper, lvm2, mdadm, ifupdown, etc. for
potential necessary changes
  * Consider the multi-threading patches and compare performance.
 * module-init-tools:
  * Update module-init-tools to latest upstream (with the binary index files).
  * Packaging into bzr.
  * Compare performance with existing modprobe.
  * Cache answers to reduce subsequent lookup time and compare performance.
 * initramfs-tools:
  * Merge initramfs-tools with Debian.
  * Packaging into bzr?
  * Eliminate various modprobe calls based on what has a modalias already or
what is non-essential and likely to be built into the kernel.
 * D-Bus:
  * Continue audit of system bus policy and usage.

=== Steve Langasek ===
~+Release management+~
 * SRU processing for 8.04.2

 * djvulibre now a sync, following the last round of patches pushed to Debian
 * libhtml-parser-perl
 * dupload
 * choose-mirror
 * turn axiom into a sync, the remaining change isn't really needed

 * SRU of nvidia-graphics-drivers-*
 * various sync requests for the Mono 2.0 transition
 * sponsor a fixed upload of gtk-sharp2 to really build against mono-cairo-2.0
(bug #308619)

 * continue trying to diagnose bug #292791 in PAM, unreproducible crashes with a
seemingly standard PAM config
 * fix a regression in ttf-arphic-uming that caused it to not be compressed with
 * upload ubuntu-meta to get ttf-kochi-* off the CDs
 * fix ttf-sazanami-*, the replacements for ttf-kochi-*, to use lzma
 * upload wv to revert the promotion of Suggests to Recommends, which pulls >
60MB of texlive recommends onto the CD build (LP: #130747, #306680)
 * fix file-roller to not depend on p7zip from universe (LP: #282294)

 * Monday archive duties (x2)
 * UDS

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