Bringing Wine into Main

Sean Hodges seanhodges at
Wed Dec 17 10:01:23 GMT 2008

> This is indeed what I had in mind - we have no reason to add Wine to
> the
> system until the user attempts to open an exe (or msi). In that way
> it's
> much like the codec prompts.
> Wine can't be installed by default for several reasons.  The most
> obvious is it won't fit on the CD - on amd64 Wine requires a few
> hundred
> megabytes of 32 bit libraries to be installed.  More interestingly is
> that a good chunk of users don't need it at all - 10% is a lot, but
> not
> 100.  Wine in its current form presents some clutter to the user
> interface if it's not used, such as the entire Applications->Wine
> submenu.
> Thanks,
> Scott Ritchie

I have to say this all sounds very exciting.

For those who are interested, I believe the spec for a lot of this is
here: (correct me if
I'm wrong Scott).

When I get some free time I'll probably chase up the progress and see if
I can contribute in some way.

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