multipath broken in Intrepid

Bryan McLellan btm at
Mon Dec 15 18:44:49 GMT 2008

On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 3:52 AM, Scott James Remnant
<scott at> wrote:
> scsi_id is an internal udev tool with a non-stable API (which is why
> it's under /lib, not in a usual binary directory like /sbin).
> Packages that use unstable, internal APIs are intended to be kept up to
> date with any breakage.

My original message was relatively old in my hunt to fix this, due to
this list being moderated. I've since created two patches [1][2] to
get multipath-tools working.

> multipath-tools almost certainly should be using libudev instead.

I don't see any chatter on the dm-devel list [3] about switching to
use libudev.

The announcement for udev-131 [4] from 2008-11-07 says that libudev
"is still under development, marked as experimental, and its interface
may change as long as the DeviceKit integration is not finished." None
of the more recent (mostly bugfixes) release notes mention libudev.
The udev-127 release [5] from 2008-08-29 which first mentions libudev
also echoes it's experimental state. libudev appears to be first
commited to the tree around 2008-08-27. Intrepid is only running
udev-124, which doesn't have any of the libudev functionality yet.

I would agree that while multipath-tools should use libudev when it's
ready, but would argue it's probably premature to expect it to.

Bryan McLellan


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