Foundations Team Weekly Summary, 2008-12-04

Robbie Williamson robbie.williamson at
Thu Dec 4 15:51:33 GMT 2008

No Meeting This Week Due To UDS/FOSSCamp Travel.

== Activity reports ==

=== Colin Watson ===
 * Finally nailed down console-setup #130444, an old and twisty bug with
   many duplicates. Prepared gutsy/hardy/intrepid SRUs for it; gutsy was
   rejected but put that in my PPA instead.

 * initramfs-tools upload with debugging assistance for the above, also
   hoovering up #285970. Fixes armel installability too since the copy
   from intrepid-updates ran into a Soyuz bug.

 * oem-config-on-server call.

 * Taught myself about chdist in response to a discussion in the
   Foundations team meeting.

 * Rescued kernel overrides for security update after learning that
   security-in-Soyuz doesn't dump new binaries into the NEW queue as
   usual, but instead just hopes that their overrides are correct.

 * ARM porting assistance:
  * No-change rebuilds: gtkhtml3.14
  * Stop using deprecated GTK macros in libhildon so that libhildonhelp
    can build (#300007).
  * hildon-thumbnail build fix (#300215).

 * Extended architecture-mismatches to report on Architecture: all
   packages missing from certain architectures (due to Soyuz #299448).

 * Helped out the kernel team with some archive understanding. Sponsored
   linux-ports-meta upload.

 * Merged: user-setup

 * ubuntu-meta refresh upload.

=== James Westby ===

* Distributed Development
  - Announced Small bits of feedback,
    and a bit of discussion on vcs-pkg.
  - Reduced the list of failures to ~150 from ~500.
  - Worked on bzr-builddeb, merging patches, fixing a couple of bugs
    and starting to refactor the code to make the changes we need to
    make this cycle easier.
  - Started to think about making upload to multiple PPAs easier.
    Shouldn't be hard, but the UI will need some consideration.

* Ubuntu
  - Fixed some bugs and FTBFS, worked a bit on the mono 2.0 transition,
    and did some sponsoring.
  - Started the Ubuntu Developer News.

* Other
  - Preparation for FOSSCamp/UDS.

=== Lars Wirzenius ===

 * Preparation for FOSSCamp, UDS.
 * Vacation.

=== Luke Yelavich ===

* Accessibility
 * Updated more GNOME accessibility stack packages, atk1.0, at-spi, accerciser,
gok, gnome-orca, mousetweaks.

* Audio
 * Audio bug triaging.
 * Managed to fix a few bugs for jaunty that crept in due to missing files from
 * Added some patches to pulseaudio from upstream git.
 * Was pointed to an issue regarding openal, alsa, and the pulse alsa plugin.
More investigation needed.
 * Sponsored an upload of libcanberra to fix an upgrade issue where
libcanberra-gnome and gnome-session-canberra shared files.
 * Did some investigation into stuttering audio with openoffice and
presentations in intrepid. Seems like its not an audio infrastructure issue, and
it also seems openoffice is not respecting sound preference settings, even
though it uses gstreamer.
 * Updated pulseaudio in my PPA.
 * Investigated Fedora's pulseaudio package, and am still considering whether
all the patches are necessary for us so early in the cycle.
 * Merged pavucontrol and paprefs.
 * Requested a sync for alsa-tools.

* Misc
 * Sponsored various uploads in main.
 * Spent time going through uds specs, and subscribing to the ones I am
interested in.

=== Steve Langasek ===
* Release management
 * work on uninstallables/overrides
 * SRU processing

* Merges
 * mlt, a very painful TIL merge

* Sponsorship
 * bzrtools (bug #302469)
 * boost (bug #263209)
 * aide (bug #112242)
 * follow up on linux-atm (#269683), suggest a Debian NMU un-subscribe sponsors
from bug #207150
 * rus-ispell (bug #280157, no upload required)
 * dhcp3 (bug #258192, no upload required)
 * lm-sensors-3 (bug #299205)
 * powernowd (bug #223812, 229027)

* Misc
 * Monday archive duties

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