[RFC] Moving Intrepid to 2.6.27 kernel

Ben Collins ben.collins at canonical.com
Wed Aug 20 21:02:47 BST 2008

As many of you know, we've continued a tree called ubuntu-next which is
currently following 2.6.27 upstream kernel. It has been kept in sync
with intrepid's 2.6.26 based kernel tree.

In recent weeks it has become apparent that we will need several updates
to 2.6.26 in order to have a stable kernel for 8.10. These include:

 * Updated mac80211, which will require updated wlan drivers in order 
   to fix major regressions with suspend/resume and wlan devices.
 * Updated alsa-1.0.17 drivers for new codecs
 * xen64 paravirt
 * Updated KVM

These are just the major things we need to do. The good thing is, all of
this is already in 2.6.27, and is ready to be uploaded on a moments
notice. It has been tested by myself for quite some time, and others on
the team have also tested it.

Yesterday, we discussed the possibility of moving to 2.6.27 before
feature freeze on #ubuntu-kernel during out weekly IRC meeting. In
attendance were the kernel team, Steve Langasek, Chuck Short and Soren
Hansen. Soren and Chuck gave particularly good reasons for moving to
2.6.27, which included xen64 and updated KVM.

Steve had questions about the particulars of this move, and I believe we
answered all of his questions satisfyingly, but we agreed to take this
to a wider audience before making a commitment.

So fire away with any concerns or issues that this might cause. If we
are going to do it, it needs to be decided by early next week.


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