Next dpkg >= 1.14.17 sync

Guillem Jover guillem at
Wed Apr 2 02:56:39 BST 2008

[ Using this instead of -discuss as per the info on l.u.c, please
  redirect where appropriate if this was wrong. I'm not subscribed. ]


Given that I've been keeping an eye on derived distros for dpkg deltas
for some time now, I thought I could give a hand with the next sync
with Debian by providing a list of patches not yet integrated and a
list of files whose changes can be discarded as they should have been
integrated one way or another.

That would not imply just blindly discarding stuff, having someone else
go through the delta would also be good in case there's anything I've

Whoever is going to do the sync, feel free to contact me, on this
thread, offlist or on the #debian-dpkg channel on oftc, whichever you


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