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Sun Sep 23 21:42:57 BST 2007

good approach, although the idea of putting their binaries up on some
repository they don't directly control might freak game companies out,
and they may end up not using it simply from an IP/trust concern.

What might be more palatable to them is if the 3PA repo simply contained
wrapper stuff - like gpg-signed checksums, preview imagines, maybe an
installer frontend - that then retrieves the binary from the game
company's site (where they can verify the downloader has paid, or has
the original Windows game CD or whatever).

In fact, I bet we could integrate this security mechanism to be so
streamlined and easy that would actually end up making Ubuntu a *better*
commercial game platform than anything else out there.

Indeed, there's a potential we could become a victim of our own
success.  Once a few have demonstrated a way to sell game software for
Linux, there could be rush.  Whatever is arrived at for 3PA will need to
be designed to scale, so it doesn't require Canonical devs to have to
review a deluge of submissions.  It might make sense to tier the 3PA's,
perhaps even with registry fees or something to help weed out chaff and
make that particular repo more prestigious to be accepted into.

> > Or to put it another way: the point of Ubuntu is to give users control
> > over their own computers - that is, Freedom.  Our job includes
> > defending that control against those who would risk it in the name of
> > temporary convenience.

Very well said.


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