Unmaintained Packages in universe, was: Tor Packages

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 28 10:07:18 BST 2007


Reinhard Tartler [2007-09-28 10:13 +0200]:
> This raises an interesting topic. How do we want to deal with the
> situation where upstream asks a distribution to remove the packages,
> because the level of maintenance doesn't fit upstream's expectations?

If upstream gives good arguments to drop it, we generally respect
their wishes (see e. g. bug #134037). If a package is in a bad shape,
up to the point of being actively detrimental on installation,
ignoring those requests would be both impolite towards upstream (who
would get bad reputation due to it) and bad towards our users.

Of course this only happens for a very small number of packages. A lot
of packages in universe are not actively maintained, and it's fine to
just leave them as they are; they might be useful for somebody still.
But upon such explitit requests I am all for good housekeeping.


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