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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Sep 28 07:38:53 BST 2007


Scott Kitterman [2007-09-27 12:42 -0400]:
> The problem isn't that the packages are in Ubuntu, but that they
> aren' t maintained.

Precisely. When there is someone who knows about the software and
actually uses it, and can test new upstream bugfix microversions on
stable releases, then I see no problem with doing SRUs ("stable
release updates") for those (barring motu-sru's approval, of course).
We just cannot put new versions into stable releases without testing
them at all.

If upstream does not do stable microreleases, but mixes new features
and bugfixes in one line of development, then SRUs are not
appropriate. They can still go into -backports, though. Requirements
for -backports are very low, we just require confirmation that the
package has been tested; no diff scrutinizing and other bureaucracy.


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