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Tue Sep 25 16:31:40 BST 2007

Am Montag, den 24.09.2007, 13:04 -0400 schrieb Scott Kitterman:
> This sounds reasonable.  In cases where Main and Universe processes are 
> different (e.g. SRU) it is often confusing for people to know what to do.  
> I'm not sure if it is better to have both processes on one page or separate 
> pages, but we ought to be consistent.

I think it's best to have one comprehensive page on the subject, which
just explains the process and the differences that apply to the Universe

> Is the packaging information meant to be all inclusive or how Ubuntu packaging 
> is different from Debian packaging?  If we use the Debian documentation (e.g. 
> New Maintainer's Guide) as a baseline and provide an Ubuntu diff in the wiki 
> it should be more manageable maintenance wise, but will, of course, be more 
> confusing for people just getting started.

I think for the PackagingGuide we should start off with what's in SVN
and DocBook right now and factor in all the pages on

In a second step - that still needs planning - I'd suggest to reorganise
the ToC to be more prioritised, meaning that it will be easy to figure
out what to look at on the first day, what to check out in the first
week, etc. 

I agree we should link to all the necessary information in the Debian

Have a nice day,

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