Consolidating the various freezes - done in the wiki, RFC

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Sep 24 19:13:18 BST 2007

Hi all,

thanks for the discussion so far. I did the proposed changes now, and
would like to collect some further feedback before I officially
announce it to u-d-announce@ in a few days.

Martin Pitt [2007-09-14 14:26 +0200]:
>  * StringFreeze and ArtworkDeadline should be subsumed under
>    UserInterfaceFreeze. 


>  * UpstreamVersionFreeze should be dropped completely. 

Subsumed under FeatureFreeze now.

>  * NewPackagesFreezeUniverse could also go into FF easily. 

Done, for the reasons stated in my original mail.

So I updated

for the new types of freezes, and added/updated detailled description
pages for them. I also updated [1] accordingly.

I kept the universe/multiverse details for the freeze exception
process [2], since I do not want to change the established workflows
of the motu-uvf team. It might be possible to do some simplification
there as well, and make the process for ~ubuntu-release and ~motu-uvf
issues more similar. For now I just updated the section headers to
match the new titles.

If the documentation team wants to explicitly add and document the
DocumentationStringFreeze here, I would welcome this, of course.

Once this is announced officially, I'll update [3] for the new
names, too.

Thank you in advance for any feedback, 



Martin Pitt
Ubuntu Developer
Debian Developer
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