Consolidating the various freezes

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
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Hi Matthew,

Matthew East [2007-09-17  8:05 +0100]:
> On 17/09/2007, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at> wrote:
> > I meant that I don't see the purpose of freezing the actual distro and
> > the documentation UI/strings at the same time. After all, the purpose of
> > the distro UI freeze is to provide a fixed target, so that the doc
> > team can start updating/writing documentation for that release until
> > the doc string freeze is reached (from then on, doc translators have a
> > fixed target).
> >
> > I do think that the DocumentationStringFreeze should be on the
> > ReleaseSchedule page. It hasn't been so far, because this concept
> > hasn't been in the wiki explicitly so far.
> Well, to be precise until about two releases ago the
> DocumentationStringFreeze was after the regular string freeze by about
> 7 days ( Then there was
> a bizarre change and it became 3 weeks *before* it for Dapper and
> Edgy. Then in Feisty the two were merged.
> You're quite right that the doc team needs a fixed target to update
> documentation, and translators need one as well. But what we need to
> recognise is that it's not realistic for either group to start work
> just after string freeze (for example, 7 days to update documentation
> would be seriously tough!). Both groups are going to be continuously
> working throughout the release cycle, or at least a substantial
> portion of it.

I agree to your points. However, I don't see them conflicting to the
reorganization of freezes that I proposed, it's quite orthogonal to
that. Do you agree?


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