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Andrew Bennetts andrew at
Fri Sep 21 13:44:52 BST 2007

Colin Watson wrote:
> For the record, this was discussed before the Technical Board some time
> ago:
> There was a brief discussion on the council and board lists, as resolved
> at the end of that meeting. To summarise, spiv said it would probably be
> a couple of days of effort to implement the necessary code for SFTP
> authenticated against LP (as a variant of As far
> as I can see, the discussion stalled there with no further comments.
> I think at this point there is little benefit in further CC discussion,
> at least as far as your second point is concerned. Rather, it seems to
> me that the suggested implementation should happen in order that it is
> meaningful to discuss its deployment. Andrew, what do you need to get
> time for this?

The formal answer is “my manager (Martin Pool) to approve of me spending
time on that”.

I should point out that the custom SFTP server is
now maintained primarily by Jonathan Lange, so it probably more
convenient for him to work on this.  I've CC'd him.  Jono, what do you
need to get time for this?  (See
for a little more context.)

Also, what are the requirements, exactly?  I don't know if they've been
written down anywhere.  Off the top of my head it's basically:

An SFTP server that authenticates against Launchpad, with a home
directory for each user.  Users would use their Launchpad nick as their
SFTP login.  So they'd connect to user at over SFTP, and
their files would be published at  If a
user renames their launchpad nick, that should also affect their area. Only users that belong to a particular Launchpad
team (ubuntu-dev?) would be able to use this service.

Is there anything else required?  Perhaps read-only access to other
users' SFTP directories, or directories for teams?  It sounds like this
would be a simpler variant of the SFTP service, but
it'd be good to know if there are any devils in the details...


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