Postfix as the default MTA?

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Fri Sep 14 20:40:00 BST 2007


Am Freitag 14 September 2007 19:02:10 schrieb Soren Hansen:
> Hi!
> Back in the day (pre-Dapper, IIRC) we installed postfix by default, so
> that was clearly the preferred MTA in Ubuntu.
> These days, we do not install an MTA by default, but there are still a
> set of packages that need an MTA.
> Many (all?) of them state a preferred mta by putting "postfix |
> mail-transport-agent" or "exim4 | mail-transport-agent" in their
> "Depends:".  
> a) our preferring postfix over exim4?
> or
> b) carrying a diff against Debian for this purpose alone?

If we carry a diff against Debian, wouldn't it make more sense to depend on 

distribution-default-mta* | mail-transport-agent 

(* or similar)

and have distribution-default-mta depend on postfix then.

That way derivatives could change the default MTA easily.

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