Privacy of distro-team meetings

Matthew East mdke at
Mon Sep 10 08:08:19 BST 2007

Hi all,

A couple of people have mentioned to me recently that they were
concerned that at the last distro-team meeting it was resolved to have
50:50 private/public meetings.

I've had a look at the logs of the meeting, and as far as I can see
the reason was that there are some Canonical-specific company issues
that arise for discussion, which is of course understandable.

However, it's not clear whether the private meetings will only be used
for those issues, or whether development issues will also be
discussed. Would it be possible to clarify this? We all know that it's
a fundamental part of Ubuntu that development is 100% public, so just
to make it clear to everyone on the outside that this principle will
continue, it might be clearer to schedule internal meetings separately
to distro-team meetings, rather than work on the basis of 50:50
private/public distro-team meetings. In reality, nothing would change,
but it would just be clear to everyone that there is a distinction
between Ubuntu development issues and Canonical internal issues.

On a vaguely related issue, I've been thinking recently that the
emphasis on development conferences and specifications in Ubuntu makes
it a bit more difficult to follow exactly what is going on with Ubuntu
Development (compared to intense mailing list based work), at least
for those of us who can't attend development conferences - would it be
possible to get some regular summaries of planned specifications,
distro team meetings or other progress? I've seen some summaries
around already, but I'm not sure whether they are done regularly or
not. Apart from promoting the public aspect of Ubuntu development, it
would also assist the documentation team to gain quicker knowledge of
new features in the development release to cover before string freeze.
At the moment we struggle a bit!

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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