CD boot installer for Windows contribution

Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at
Tue Sep 4 12:25:53 BST 2007

I would like to contribute back to Ubuntu (as my upstream vendor) the CD
boot installer for Windows which I have created for my derived distro
(Olá! OS).

It is Windows installer based on Instlux which allows booting system
from CD without modifying BIOS, by modifying Windows boot loader sequence.

It is different from Instlux because it does not require kernel nor
initrd image and it is thus tiny (about 200 KB).

It does the trick using grldr and its "boot from CD" function.

I have also added some other improvements:
- checking Windows version (currently works on 2000, XP and 2003, so for
other installer does not even try to modify boot.ini)
- changing attributes of c:\boot.ini for time of modification (it caused
 failures on some systems as the file was protected)
- modifying boot timeout (it was set to 0 on some systems causing
inability to choose boot option)

The code, installer executable and build instructions can be downloaded

I hope you will add it to Gutsy CD, so that inexperienced users can try
Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu much easier, without digging into BIOS :)

	Krzysztof Lichota

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