Current state of accessibility for the Ubuntu Gutsy Live CD.

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Sat Sep 1 04:29:30 BST 2007

Was the Harty Heron release announced earlier this week the next one 
that's coming after gutsy gibbon or a separate branch on the tree sent out 
for special purposes?

On Fri, 31 Aug 2007, Luke Yelavich wrote:

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> Hi all
> I would firstly like to announce that necessary changes to allow accessibility on the live CD to function, have finally
> made it in. You should be able to test these changes, as from today, 31 August, from approximately 19:00 UTC. Apologies
> that it has taken so long, but better now, than a month down the track.
> However, we still have issues that need addressing, particularly, speech. Currently, the CD contains espeak 1.26, using
> PortAudio 19. I intend to update espeak to 1.29 in the next several days, however PortAudio 19 is causing us some
> issues, particularly relating to lockups and crashes with Orca. I would much appreciate it if people would test, and
> give feedback as to whether things work for them. I'll let you all know when espeak 1.29 is in, so we can then start
> doing more testing.
> The real issue lies in that PortAudio 18 has now been moved to Universe. If it was absolutely necessary, we could
> possibly bring that back onto the CD for eSpeak, should we run into a dead end, but this will be more work, due to
> having to reintroduce what is essentially an older version of PortAudio back into the main repository.
> I am CCing the main development discussion list, ubuntu-devel at, to attempt to get wider testing of the
> issue with eSpeak and PortAudio19. We as users have been longing for the ability to use speech while we play other
> sound, so lets try and debug these problems now, and have a working solution for Gutsy.
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