Demoting Xubuntu packages to universe

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Nov 30 10:53:36 GMT 2007


Mario Limonciello [2007-11-30  4:27 -0600]:
> 2)
> The site is growing very large.  Removing Xubuntu
> ISOs would make mirror providers more apt to continue to mirror the site.

They have never been on releases.u.c.; they were mentioned there, but
they pointed to cdimage.u.c., so I do not think that this is a

> The downside (or upside depending upon how you look at it) will be
> Xubuntu's commercial support.  Traditionally, Canonical hasn't supported
> anything inside Universe.  Support for these products was always left to
> the community.  Clearly something would have to change here.

Canonical never supported Xubuntu anyway. (That means commercial
'phoning/install/help' support, not security.)

In fact, many packages in main are not supported by Canonical in this


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