dash, getconf and a POSIX sh

Jim Lowe jhl at infionline.net
Sun Nov 25 02:28:17 GMT 2007

Making /bin/sh be 'dash' is fine except that (because
'dash' is a mere aspiring POSIX shell) the following
method to locate the POSIX shell is broken because it resolves
back to '/bin/dash'.

        PATH=`getconf PATH` which sh

To fix this you may have to have a new directory,
for example,  /usr/posix/bin, that contains 'sh' as a symlink to
/bin/bash, then make `getconf PATH` return /usr/posix/bin:/bin/:/usr/bin

Now "PATH=`getconf PATH` which sh" will be '/bin/bash' and you can
tell everyone how to find a POSIX shell on an Ubuntu system

For more backup on this
See http://www.opengroup.org/platform/resolutions/bwg2000-004.html

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