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Tue Nov 27 09:15:32 GMT 2007

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Greetings all
As I do the rounds of merging accessibility related packages such as speech synthesizers, I notice that we still have festival in main. Since we decided to go to espeak several releases ago, we've still kept festival around for a while.

I'd like to get people's thoughts as to whether we should demote all festival packages to universe, and focus on using espeak as the speech synthesizer of choice. I know we don't ship festival on the disks any more (as far as I know without checking seeds), and if we do, it is a lot of disk space saved, due to the size of the voices.

Festival also supports only a small number of languages, compared to what espeak supports, and, espeak's languages can be added relatively easily, compared to what is required to develope a voice for Festival.

I still need to check all packages in main that recommend/depend on it, but at a glance, I think we can safely get rid of it.

Thoughts and opinions welcome.
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